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THE 48 TAPES:  The Science of Man

NOTE: there are TWO transcripts for each Lesson. 

(1)  The first one includes Marsha’s personal comments, experiments, and editing. 

(2)  The one that follows it is a Verbatim Transcript for those who wish to read the Lesson while simultaneously listening to the audio.  Dr. Bob’s laid-back “Kentucky-ese” is retained – not correcting his grammar makes reading it sound like he’s actually talking.  In addition, he not only purposefully uses specific words, but also pronunciation, grammar, and dialect as tools to get your attention.  Honoring his choices, we’ve made sure in the Verbatim Transcripts not to take it upon ourselves to “clean it up” for him. 

In the 60’s and ‘70’s, Dr. Bob created several “Schools” where students of the Teachings could live, attend talks, do practical work, and participate in circumstances that brought to light the discovery of the mechanical self.  Unable to provide as many Schools as there were people interested, he decided to put a “School” on cassette tapes so that anyone, anywhere could attend.  Though technology has changed, they are still affectionately called, “The 48 Tapes”. These Lessons are the basic ideas of the Teachings, designed to be used in numerical order, starting with the first Lesson and proceeding, one at a time, for 48 weeks.

Copy the following link and paste it into your browser for audio copies of “The 48 Tapes”.