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Levels of Consciousness (Tape 7)

We have been considering for the past several weeks becoming acquainted with the self, with the mechanical conditioning. Recently we have been dis-identifying from the self to be aware of the "self" as object. I is an observer reporting to X that which is going on in the "self" in order that the "self" does not report in the name of I directly to X and set off all manner of unnecessary unpleasant situations that are destructive or disintegrating to the state of being. To further aid our observation, we will consider some "levels of consciousness" and some "levels of being."

As we observe these, it may be possible to have an aim. An aim is not a goal. A goal is to arrive at a certain place to achieve a certain result. An aim is a direction to go. We will consider that an aim might be to be able to see differently than we have heretofore seen in our "conditioned state" and that as we are observing, we will see differently.

The greatest obstruction to man using the teaching and possibly evolving into a different state of being (or having the ending of disintegration which means exactly the same thing) is that the self-improvement concept, the self-improvement suggestions, the urge to be different since the earliest days of one's existence is very very strong.

As we observe the "self" and begin to be acquainted with it, a self-improving "I" attempts very strongly to get I, the observer, to identify with it and start on a program of self-improvement. This is to fall back into the world. If one should discover that one has done so, it is not anything to be ashamed of or to regret. It is to say, "I'm awake and back on the job" and to be aware of that particular bit of "conditioning."

The teaching says that there are four basic levels of consciousness and many levels of being.We will consider first the four general levels of consciousness:


The first is SLEEP.

One is asleep in the bed, under the influence of an anesthetic, under the influence of toxicity in the body from adaptation, or in a state of coma. In the state of sleep, obviously one is not responsible. One doesn't do very much and only dreams go on, if anything. Some of the dreams are not recalled, some are recalled. They are merely the Not-I's playing and are totally in sleep. I is asleep and I must sleep now and then. One finds that I uses tremendous amounts of energy in observing and must go to sleep. However, it does not have to sleep for years and it has been in a hypnotic sleep for many years.

The second level of consciousness is called WAKING SLEEP.

In other words, the person appears to be awake, walks about, does all the daily chores, writes books, teaches college courses, performs surgery, repairs automobiles, cooks meals, builds buildings and all sorts of things, but this is a walking sleep or waking sleep because one is in a conditioned state and responds to the same mechanical responses. Buttons can be pushed.

The third state of consciousness is called SELF-AWARENESS.

This is awareness of the self of paying attention to the self as object. It is the one we have recently started on; it is a new state of consciousness. It is seeing the "self," "John" or "Mary" as object. It is not condemning or justifying. It is an observer simply being aware of the "self." This is a new state of looking at things, a new way of being, actually, from anything that we have ever known. We have always said I to everything.

The fourth level of consciousness is called OBJECTIVE AWARENESS or


One sees everything freely without identifying with anything, without having any "ideal"to compare it to or to look to. It is seeing everything objectively, reporting to X, and X does all the work. This is, of course, is a state of consciousness that we may not experience for some time.

These states of consciousness are not something one can "do."

They are something one experiences as the various Not-I's, the bits of conditioning, are rendered inoperative by X from the conscious paying attention to the "self" as an "object. This is really the only thing one can do. The other states occur. In the states of being which are existent in each of these states of consciousness, there are three basic "states of being."


Under the level of SLEEP there is coma which can be brought about by toxicity or injury. There is bed sleep without dreams. There is bed sleep with dreams and possibly the state of consciously being aware of being asleep, however, still physically asleep.

In the WALKING SLEEP there are several levels of being. The first is apathy. When one is totally under the control of suggestion and the particular type of suggestion that says, "What's the use! Everything will be miserable anyway." If any of you have ever seen a demonstration of the hypnotic technique, you will somewhat know a little more about this. A person can be hypnotized and brought into a certain level of sleep called somnambulistic which is not really easy and usually isn't accomplished in the first many attempts of an operator to hypnotize a given subject, but it can be accomplished, and the person looks for all appearances like everyone else around. However, they are totally under the control of one operator.

Whatever the operator suggests to the person, this is their state of being. If it is suggested he is paralyzed, he can't move. If it is suggested he is a very strong athlete, he can do unusual feats that are not possible to him in his usual waking state.

When there is a conflict of interest; there are several hypnotists, all the Not-I's, working on him. If a not "I" tells one he was in a very pitiful shape, he would sit down and be in a state of apathy, or a not "I" could say that he is terribly mistreated, that he must defend himself, and he would be very angry.

The Not-I's are hypnotists, and they have hypnotized I, kept it sound asleep. The not "I" reports to X whatever the "conditioning" has to say. As there are many families of not "I's", there are ever-changing states, so the first state of being in the walking sleep is the lowest one, called APATHY.

You may have seen people in apathy; you couldn't get a smile out of them no matter how hard you tried. You cannot get them to be enthused about anything or interested in anything. They just moan--even their flesh hangs. If they raise up an arm, the skin and the soft tissue hangs below the bone. Their whole face has dropped, their eyes look sad, and they are in a woebegone situation. Of course, the physical body is functioning at that level; very erratically, and nothing seems to be functioning normally in it.

The next level of being in the walking sleep is FEAR. The person has become under the control of a Not-I that is suggesting every conceivable dreaded thing is going to happen to him. This person believes that all sorts of catastrophes are going to occur. Earthquakes are going to destroy us, inflation is going to destroy us, illness is going to strike me, I am going to come down with cancer, diabetes, a brain tumor or some other dread disorder. I am afraid we'll be without a job and we won't have enough food to eat, I am afraid the house will burn down. A Not-I gets one frightened and can put one in a state of panic. You may have experienced it. You more than likely have. It tells you that something terrible is going to happen and all of a sudden you seem to believe it. The heart races, the palms perspire, and the person is in a state of anxiety from every direction. This is fear. The person who has been under the control of a fear producing Not-I for any length of time is usually considerably overweight. This is very simple because it is being reported to X that there is a great catastrophe going to happen very shortly, so the appropriate thing to do is store up food and water so every particle of nourishment that goes into the body is stored by X in response. It is the appropriate thing to do if one is going to be attacked, in a very severe situation, and unable to have food. It is stored inside the body. Generally these people are quite overweight. They are quite sick because all the many things are occurring in the adaptation, these states do not actually occur very frequently. As our entire society comes under the control of the suggestion of fear, we have more and more people decidedly overweight.

The next level of being in the walking sleep is HELD RESENTMENT. It really means HATE. It is a combination of fear and anger. The person is angry, feels he has been mistreated but is afraid to do anything about it. This is a state of being where one is continually seething within and one is constantly "fighting" in imagination. Sometimes there are violent killings in this imagination, or producing all manner of difficulties. It is"getting even" with them. In this state, of course, tremendous energy is being burned up in imaginary fights, but X does it from the information received from I that is hypnotized by the ideas of revenge and hate. This is continually drying up the body as it is burning all the excess. This person is usually rather skinny and somewhat wrinkled up. The face shows the signs of the attitudes that are working within; and, of course, they have all the symptoms that require adaptation from the continual state of preparing energy from the various hormones to prepare to fight or run, and it "the physical fighting" really isn't being done except in imagination, so they have their share of "adapting." These two states of being, fear and held resentment, make up most of the practice of any general practitioner physician. There are fat men and skinny men (men or women) that fill up the doctor's offices because they have the greatest number of ailments because in the imagination of the Not-I's that have I hypnotized, it is constantly being reported to X that they are in a very severe condition, a great emergency and X is preparing them constantly to fight or run and the adaptation takes place.

The fourth level of being in this walking state is ANGER. That is a state where they are constantly sticking up for their rights in imagination, constantly feel that they have been mistreated and that they are "entitled" to revenge. They have no fear of getting it. They are rather blunt and rude to most of the people around them. They are "angry" drivers and possibly "are" what the world calls successful. They have "signs and wonders" that they have succeeded in improving their situation. They may accumulate properties, run over everybody and are angry at everyone. Everything they do is easily justified by the Not-I's that say, "We have been mistreated and we have to stick up for our rights." Incidentally, the angry person usually has a pot belly. Otherwise, they are the usual size and shape and have somewhat more of a ruddy complexion than the general run of people. They are subject to heart attacks and kidney stones. They do not usually go to the doctor until forced because they are angry at doctors also; the same as they are angry at their wives, their children, their compadres, partners, customers or whatever.

Above the anger comes the fifth state of being of walking sleep, that state of consciousness is BOREDOM. This person has generally achieved a certain amount of comfort, pleasure,attention, approval, and has possibly had power over other people. But it did not gratify nor deliver what was promised by "mammon," so the person is quite bored. These people are really not very interested in anything and consequently do not do very much. They do not get into too much stress, but just enough because they are annoyed with things easily because "What's the use, it's all the same"; "I've heard all that before, I've done that before." They are looking for some specific excitement or something that will pull them out of this deplorable state. Sometimes they will turn to drugs, to alcohol or other excesses. They look like life is not very interesting; "Life's a big disappointment."

The sixth state of being in the walking sleep, the waking state of consciousness, is that of CONTENTMENT. The person has recently gained certain pleasures, comforts, some idea of security, and feels that everything is quite well. They look quite beautiful. They are not overly concerned with anything because they feel they have it made and, of course, they are not interested in being a student. They are not interested in anything except enjoying the wonderful state they have achieved. They are a "success" whether it is a "success" in worldly terms or "success" in having attention, approval or whatever. They are quite contented with their state so why do anything about it? Of course, all in the waking sleep feel they are 100% conscious and that they have 100% free agency. This is why it is a dream.

All are working toward an "ideal." Many times the person in contentment is there for a little while, then they get bored with it because always there is greed. It comes back and says we should have more, better and different, or they get angry because something happens and they begin to fall from that place. The highest point in the walking sleep is still an illusion even though it is called contentment and the person feels happy, it is a very "short-lived" affair.


There are three levels of being in the self-awareness level of consciousness. The lowest one is VITAL INTEREST and you are possibly beginning to discover what a vitally interested state of affairs it is to be able to observe self without identifying with it, without condemning it or justifying it. When we condemn or justify it is an indication that we have identified with it. But it is of such vital interest to be able to see it, to be able to see other people, without condemning or justifying; without judging, simply to be aware of them, to be aware that people are asleep. It is beginning to open untold vistas of understanding and being that one has never experienced.

The VITAL INTEREST "state of being" is the beginning of being a new person. It is the lowest level but it is like being a new person all over. The body begins to be alert, the face shines, one is vitally interested while one is in this state. Now admittedly, at first as one begins to be aware of the self without condemning or justifying, it is short-lived. It is a minute here and a few minutes there, a few seconds here, and quite blank spaces in between where one is caught in the identification process--one gets "identified" and falls back into apathy, fear, anger, held resentment, boredom or possibly contentment. It is very easy to fall into contentment because one feels one has accomplished so much because one has experienced a state of enthusiasm, being vitally interested in something that one has never seen before in one's life, with the old ideas of self-improvement. It is very easy to feel that "I have obtained a "sign and a wonder," or that "I did this. But I is only observing and X is bringing about the state of inner being.

The next level of being above vital interest in the state of self-awareness in the "levels of consciousness" is EXHILARATION. That is another word for bliss. A state of being where there is no conflict, no obstruction. These are very short-lived, generally speaking. If you experience it, you will know why it is short-lived. It is beyond description except it is a state of bliss wherein there is no obstruction. There is no sense of conflict within and one experiences a state of being that passes all understanding. Being short-lived, it comes in places and then maybe one goes back to vital interest and observing self. If one should identify with that state of being, one is apt to fall way back down the line because one makes it important to continue to have this state of bliss, or a Not-I gets up and says, "See, you goofed, you lost it, it is all your fault." You didn't lose it, you didn't find it. It happened! So the Not-I, as always, is a liar. If you accept that accusation from that self-improving Not-I, one identifies with the self-improving I and is already way back down the line, possibly even to apathy. We have seen such occur. Be aware that state of bliss and EXHILARATION do occur. They are not something one has done and when it's gone, one didn't lose it. It is just an experience of a certain state of being in a level of consciousness called self-awareness.

The next level of consciousness has been referred to as being an ARTIST, experiencing being artistic. It does not mean one will start to paint pictures, play or compose music, arrange things in a different way, be an interior decorator, or what have you. It means that one sees relationships that one has never seen before, possibly relationships no one has ever seen. It is something that one "experiences", not something one can do. It is seeing relationships of all manner of things one never saw before. This is what an artist works in--relationships. It is called the ARTISTIC state of being and it is the highest level of the self-awareness level of consciousness.

Beyond this level of consciousness is, of course, OBJECTIVE AWARENESS and there are several levels of consciousness which we will take up at a later date that we will not discuss at this time.

But all states of being one does not "do." They "happen as one is in a given state of consciousness and that includes the lowest one. Dreams happen in the states of consciousness called sleep.

Anger, guilt, fear, resentment, apathy, boredom, contentment occur in the state of consciousness called WALKING SLEEP where one is identified with an "ideal."

If one doesn't have the "ideal," one is apathetic and then one can never gain the "ideal."
One is fearful that one will not gain the "ideal," is resentful because the "ideal"
was in sight but you interfered.
One is angry because one does not have the "ideal."
One is bored when one has achieved a level of the "ideal." One is bored when one has achieved
a level of the "ideal" but no more, and one's greed then makes one bored with it.
One is contented when one is gaining some degree of the "ideal."

It is in "sleep" that one believes in the "ideal," the "ideal" of the four dual basic urges, the "ideal" of "mammon," the "ideal" of the world, and that one can self-improve to the level `of gaining these various things. That is a dream state. It is a waking dream. One might say that it is a day dream or a hypnotic dream because it comes from suggestion from within and from without and is being in a state of somnambulistic hypnosis.

Being aware and observing this from the point of I. I has awakened and risen from among the dead ideas and is observing the "self." You might write them all down and see how much of the time that one is in these states and what a small amount of time one is in the state of awareness of "self."

You might write them all down and see how much of the time that one is in these states and discover what a small amount of time one is in the state of awareness of "self." This gives one considerable material to work with.

Sooner or later you will begin to notice, without condemning or justifying, just simply, being aware of the states others are in, knowing that the way they behave in that state is the only way they could because they are in a hypnotic sleep from the hypnotic ideas of the world.